Workshop for incoming undocumented students

Informational event to have guest speaking about support systems, on-campus resources



Marcela Pattinson, assistant director of multicultural student services, says the workshop will include on-campus resources for undocumented students.

JAYCE CARRAL, Evergreen reporter

WSU will host an informational workshop for undocumented students explaining resources available on campus for them during WSU’s Week of Welcome.

The workshop will be held 2-3 p.m. Friday at the Women*s Center in Wilson-Short Hall, and is run by an office under the Division of Student Affairs.

Marcela Pattinson, a member of Jaime Nolan’s team for the Office of Community, Equity and Inclusive Excellence, said “Undocumented Initatives at WSU” is aimed at incoming freshman.

“My work is to create programs and pathways for all the students, no matter the color of their skin or sexual orientation,” she said. “And help them stay here and graduate.”

Pattinson said she will be speaking at the event with the ambassador of undocumented initiatives Linda Vargas, WSU psychology professor Amy Nusbaum and Crimson Group member Raul Jimenez.

The event will highlight four of the main campus resources. The first is “Mariposas Poderosas” which translates to “powerful butterflies.” Mariposas Poderosas is a class featuring the workbook Making DREAMs Come True” created by the Department of Psychology Resilience Lab and led by Vargas.

Pattinson said Nusbaum will speak about support systems available to undocumented students. This includes basic needs resources and growing communities open on campus.

Jimenez and other Crimson Group members will speak about their organization and what it does, as well as how freshmen can join.

Celeste Estrada will lead the art-based program, Mariposas Creative Care, during which Vargas will also present.

“She will paint and do activities that allow [undocumented students] to work through their fears,” Pattinson said.

The workshop will also explain resources offered by the immigration clinic on campus, including a campus immigration lawyer and a student legal lawyer.

As most incoming freshmen will not have DACA status, Pattinson said new training is necessary to implement on all WSU campuses and plans on discussing the issue as well.

“[Undocumented students] decide when they want the help, or if they want the help,” Pattinson said. “Maybe if I normalize being undocumented, more students will come to get the help.”