ASWSU Senate confirms six new members

New member hopes to provide academic resources to students



Jane McDonald, junior journalism and media production major, discusses her involvement in various WSU organizations and her goal of increasing the presence of the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication during Wednesday night’s meeting at the CUB.

JAKOB THORINGTON, Evergreen reporter

The ASWSU Senate appointed six new members into vacant positions during last night’s senate meeting.

Jane McDonald, junior journalism and media production major, was selected as the Communication Senator.

She said one of her goals is to increase the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication’s presence around the university as it has the smallest population of students among each college.

“I want to show Murrow students and university students at large what ASWSU can do for them,” she said.

Two freshmen delegates were also selected. Briana Rogers and Jacob Martinez were chosen from the six students that applied for the position.

Connor Simmons, a senator representing the College of Arts and Sciences, said Martinez’s ability to identify small tasks to achieve big goals made him a strong candidate.

Martinez is from California and he said coming to WSU was intimidating because he did not know anyone here.

“The first thing I did was create a network and talk to people,” Martinez said.

He wanted to find out what students were involved in, what they want to change and what they want to add, he said.

Rogers said she was a part of We The People, an organization that promotes civic involvement among the nation’s upper elementary and secondary students, according to their website. With that experience, she wants to increase freshmen voter turnout across campus.

“As freshmen, we lose our voice especially coming to a new college,” she said.

The senate confirmed Kiera Rust as the deputy director of legislative affairs and Eric Martinez as the deputy director of communication.

With his new position, Eric Martinez said he wants to create a “Tools Tuesday” and “Thursday Study Tips” on ASWSU’s social media outlets to provide academic resources and helpful testing strategies to students.

Senate members also confirmed Dodd Stephan to ASWSU’s Election Board after he brought up concerns about disorganization within the board last year.

The board did not have a chair for a while, Stephan said, and he wants to make sure that does not happen again.