Reader reactions: Cecil Rhodes scholarship honors a racist

Readers react to a column concerning the Rhodes Scholarship, named after Cecil Rhodes, a colonizer of Africa and British imperialist. The columnist believes Rhodes should no longer be honored because he is a racist, and showing his name in a positive light perpetuates racism and social discrimination. Global injustice stems from the glorification of historical figures.

Read the full column here.

Mario J. Vega: “The author is just mad she’ll never win a scholarship about as prestigious and lucrative as the Rhodes scholarship. If she did, you’d never hear her complain about something as petty as its name.”

Timothy Archie: “I don’t think you can rename the scholarship since the money is distributed via the conditions of the will. You could however simply refuse it if it were offered to you.”

Dustin Leitzell: “I did a whole project on Cecil and his diamond company, the people of Africa loved him. There were settlers from Europe that had fought for land in the end. There is a country named after him too.”