Coffee shop hosts game night for LGBTQ+

Pups & Cups Cafe sets inclusive event time to occur on weekends



Nine-and-a-half year-old cattle dog, poodle and chihuahua mix Skippy looks up at a table in downtown Pullman on Jan. 11 at Pups & Cups Cafe.

RACHEL LENTZ, Evergreen columnist

Pups & Cups Cafe is a pet- and human-friendly coffee house on Main Street downtown Pullman. The business offers locally roasted cups of coffee, host a variety of pets and an LGBTQ+ friendly game night.

Pups & Cups Cafe hosts a monthly LGBTQ+ game night the last Saturday of every month from 5-8 p.m.

Regular game nights at Pups & Cups started this summer as a way for people to escape the heat and find entertainment.

The queer-friendly staff also established a monthly LGBTQ+ game night to create a space for community fun and discussion. They were held on Wednesdays over the summer.

For this school year, the times have switched, and Pups & Cups has changed its official game night to Saturday evenings.

The shop itself focuses on providing local supplies from breweries and roasters as well as supporting the Pullman community.

This was a large factor in forming an LGBTQ+ specific game night — to create accepting spaces and broaden community ties, said general manager Steven Mislosky.

The coffee shop itself has a selection of games but welcomes people to bring their own and enjoy the space.

“We’ve had anywhere from three to 15 people over for our game night. And any pet is welcome to join,” said barista Lindsey Whitten.

The shop serves a wide selection of food and drinks. They have drinks like locally roasted coffee and in-house mimosas that can be tailored to specific tastes. They also have treats available for animal companions.

The beer and wine selections were introduced last year and lend a wider frame of selection from the little shop, along with the variety of pets seen there.

“I think the most surprising pet brought in was a cat in a leash and harness, just from the unexpectedness of it. But we’ve had in birds, snakes and definitely dogs,” Whitten said.

People are encouraged to bring whatever pet they want. At the cafe, Whitten had her own dog Coco, a 4-year-old daschund.