No Man’s Land showcases female power

CHLOE GRUNDMEIER | Evergreen reporter

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The month of February celebrates Women in Recreation with help from those at University Recreation. This year, after a month of events such as a women’s volleyball tournament, a women’s deadweight competition and a Pink Gloves Boxing showcase, the month of Women in Recreation comes to a close tomorrow evening with the No Man’s Land Adventure Film Festival.

The No Man’s Land Film Festival (NMLFF) was founded by Aisha Weinhold in 2013, with a mission to create an arena that showcases great female athletes and their experiences with the world, according to the NMLFF Facebook page.

UREC coordinator Mandy Schenkemeyer is responsible for the NMLFF coming to WSU this year, and said she believes this festival helps celebrate the strengths of women and empowers others to seek adventure.

“It’s important for women, and especially for young girls,” she said, “to see female go-getters and adventurers.”

While this festival is specifically designed to celebrate women, it is not meant to do so in a way that alienates men.

“Some of the sports represented in these films are typically male-dominated disciplines,” Schenkemeyer said. “This can make it intimidating for women to pursue such sports or make women feel like it’s not their place. These sorts of films empower women and girls to break down barriers in whatever sport, hobby, career or lifestyle they choose.”

Not only will the festival showcase films produced by female adventurers, it will feature a panel of adventurous women, as well. The panel will consist of Sabrina McClain, a NMLFF star; Samantha Ramsay, UI professor and local Alpine Adventurer; Elise Clausen and Sandra Townsend, UI Outdoor Program coordinators; and Lauretta Campbell, owner of Hyperspud Sports in Moscow.

Schenkemeyer believes it is important for college students to attend these events to broaden their horizons and give them the opportunity to learn something they wouldn’t have otherwise.

“While we should all hope to be life-long learners, college students are even more so in a stage that can and should encourage personal growth,” Schenkemeyer said. “Understanding their capabilities through pursuing new endeavors can trickle into other parts of their life.”

The No Man’s Land Film Festival will take place at 6 p.m. Tuesday in the CUB Butch’s Den. There will be a raffle with prizes given out during the festival to those in attendance. Admission is free for WSU students and $8 for community members.

“My hope,” Schenkemeyer said, “is that these kinds of events push students to take on activities that allow them to step outside of their comfort zone.”

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to reflect that this event will take place in the CUB Butch’s Den.