Letter to the editor: ‘I do not regret Brock being a Coug’


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My son, Brock Lindberg, died at Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity on Oct. 24, 2016. Throughout this horrific ordeal, the Pullman community has been respectful and helpful.

My utmost appreciation is extended to the following people: Annie Pillars (Whitman County Coroner’s Office) for helping me through three months of waiting for final toxicology results. Bob Warnock (Kimbell Funeral Home) for not only taking care of my son, but for supporting me through constant phone calls. Melynda Huskey (VP Dean of Students) made my life easier as she dealt with the paper work and continues to help by providing requested grief counseling for Brock’s brothers and friends at WSU, and thank you Katie Shadler (reporter at the Daily Evergreen) for writing the article on Brock … it was perfect.

To Pullman businesses, I extend my gratitude: Helene’s Property Place for quickly canceling Brock’s contract on a studio apartment for spring semester. Paradise Creek Motel for finding two available rooms so my family could stay to attend a memorial for Brock at Pi Kappa Phi during the “booked” Dad’s Weekend. Birch and Barley for graciously remembering us each time we came … with Brock in hand, and to Wal-Mart Deli for helping with the order of deli trays for the fraternity house during finals weekend.

I want to reach out to parents of students currently enrolled at WSU and parents of high school students looking at WSU for their continued education. Please do not let the recent events dissuade you from choosing WSU as a top choice. It is a strong institution with great educators. I do not regret Brock being a Coug.