Letter to the editor: Moos should take responsibility


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Now that Logan Tago has accepted a plea agreement for third-degree assault, which is still a Class C Felony in the State of Washington, I think it is time for Athletic Director Bill Moos to officially tenure his resignation because he allowed Tago to play in the last two games despite the fact that he was dealing with court proceedings for a felony.

As a fellow Coug, I find it very disconcerting that a director would take this type of stance despite rules being put into place that strictly state that a student athlete is not allowed to play if charged with a felony until the court proceedings are complete.

This shows that Bill Moos is willing to put profits before principal and has let down the Cougar Nation because he has broken the trust of WSU and the Cougar Nation at large because we value principals, pride and commitment to furthering an institution that is built on integrity and accountability. Something Bill Moos seems to care nothing about.