Students ‘Smash’ each other

WSU hosts Smash Bros. tournament



Viewers watch in anticipation as Travis Basquez enters the final eight on Saturday at the Tournament’s venue, Resonate Church.

SYDNEY BROWN, Evergreen reporter

Smash Bros. at WSU held its regional tournament Saturday at Resonate Church, in which a high schooler won the singles bracket tournament. 

The event brought in players from University of Idaho, regular Moscow locals, Pullmanites and even people from the Spokane area to compete in an 11-hour bracketed event, said Travis Basquez, the newest tournament organizer for Smash Bros. at WSU. 

The big event included four games for players to sign up for and play: Ultimate Squad Strike, Melee Doubles, Melee Singles and Ultimate Singles. James Park won the Ultimate Singles tournament, which Basquez said carries the most prestige because of how large the pool of competitors is. 

“You’re more proud to say, ‘I won an 80-man bracket,'” Basquez said. 

User “CGS | Conviction” won the Ultimate Squad Strike, “Blackout / Thorne” won the Melee Doubles, “NOOT” won the Melee Singles, and Park, or  “Pi-3.14,” won the Ultimate Singles. 

The next event held in part by Smash Bros. at WSU will be “Vandal Overnight” on Saturday, Sept. 28 at the Bruce M. Pitman Center in Moscow. It will also include board games. More updates can be found on the event’s Facebook page. 

Basquez said while the larger tournaments require an entry fee, Smash Bros. at WSU meets weekly to play more relaxed brackets, and anyone with a controller and free time are welcome to join. These weekly tournaments will be held every Friday until Nov. 15 in the SPARK: Academic Innovation Hub, Room 327. Anyone interested can register at on the “smash gg” website, or at