Letter to the Editor: In support of the executive order

STEVE KING | Pullman

I would like to respond to the many articles that support the protests against the Trump temporary immigration ban.

First, the ban is half the length of the ban Obama implemented with his Executive Order. I say rather than have a ban, Trump should have drastically limited immigration permanently for far more important reasons. America is just two percent of the total world land area and 35 percent of that is uninhabitable desert, mountains and federal protected lands.

If America has an open border policy, we would not have the physical resources to care for all. For example, California, Nevada and Arizona have a water rationing policy; they also have urban sprawl limitations.

Urban sprawl has been shown to increase global warming. Our physical land resources are stressed now with the present birth and death rates. America cannot afford mass immigration and refugee injection. Any Democrat who cares about America’s physical resources should strongly support a ban or limits on immigration for the sake of all Americans.

The Sierra Club is an environmental strong organization; they want to protect our natural resources. Why then wouldn’t the Sierra Club want to limit immigration? Open borders is counter to their agenda. Do immigrants and refugees not use resources?