Cougs successful at Cougar Indoor Invitational

CHRIS ARNESON | Evergreen columnist

The WSU Cougars dominated the 2017 Cougar Indoor Invitation in “The Bubble” over the weekend. Six men and four women Cougs snagged wins in their events as the track and field team successfully defended their home turf against the competition.

Going into the weekend, I considered indoor track analogous to when Mr. Burns used Springfield’s snow plows to play soccer in his mansion with Smithers. After taking in the action, I found out that the indoor sport is just as intense and action packed as the outdoor version.

“The Bubble” was bumping like a dance club throughout the meet as pop music was churned through the speakers, save for the bang of the starter gun.

I have so many questions about the starter gun, such as what is its origin? Why don’t they just rotate people with loud voices yelling “go?” Has there ever been an instance of oversight like what happened to Brandon Lee in the filming of “The Crow?”

The pair of lanes on the far side of the venue were reminiscent of warmup pools in swimming, which wrangled memories of long days spent watching siblings at those meets. Lighthouses should employ track and field coaches to yell at ships coming near shore to save some money on their electricity bill. A good triple jump, i.e. long jump for people who like extra instructions, looks like your hamstring exploded mid-sprint, and you must leap to alleviate the pain.

The pole-vaulters entrenched my attention, the courage of a lifetime packed into a couple of heart-wrenching seconds of action. The moment when a vaulter lost their momentum and was stranded in the air like a dragonfly flying against the wind was breathtaking. I wouldn’t try a single jump for all of King Midas’ gold.

Also, placing the pole vault bar back on its shelf should be an Olympic sport in itself.

In the final event of Saturday, a runner for the Spokane Community College 1600 meter relay tripped on the inside railing of the track, sending him tumbling to the infield in a heap. The occurrence happened right in front of where I was standing, giving me a front row view of the disaster. He fell majestically, almost in slow motion, akin to the Wright Brothers before they had ironed out all the kinks of air travel.

The final race of the day, the 1600 meter relay, was the most crowd pleasing, bringing all members of teams to the fence to cheer on their compatriots. The Calgary Dinos were especially enthused in rooting on their relay teams, bringing forth images of the loudest softball benches.

In the end, the Cougar Indoor Invitational was an enjoyable event to take in and basically the same as outdoor track, only if we were in the movie “Interstellar.”

Chris Arneson is a senior sports management major from Bothell. He can be contacted at 335-2290 or by [email protected]