Editorial Board is the voice of the Evergreen on campus issues


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Establish a shared sense of accountability and affection for our community

Recognize and interpret the most pressing issues facing our university and region

Encourage action and thoughtful conversation among students

The Daily Evergreen strives to report objectively on newsworthy subjects, and to serve as a public forum for students and the WSU community. In our opinion pages, we attempt to represent the diverse opinions of as many students as possible.

But we also consider it our duty to interpret the issues we see every day in a way that will empower our readers to act. A newspaper can only do so much, but a community can do quite a lot.

As The Daily Evergreen Editorial Board, we aim to encourage students to create positive social change and assist them in doing so. We will also use these editorials to hold public figures accountable and, as the student voice of WSU, to champion students’ rights whenever possible.

In these cases, we will make arguments for the issues we find most important due to their impact on students’ lives.

Our goal for the semester is to write more of these. We act as objective journalists in covering the news each day, but we hope we will be able to benefit our readers by providing informed comment on crucial areas of that news.

The editorial board is comprised of the editor-in-chief, Cody Cottier; the managing editor, Gabriella Ramos; the opinion editor, Madison Jackson; the news editor, Sarah Olsen; and the assistant news editor, Dan Doucet.

We are not a diverse group by many standards, but we are not homogeneous in our beliefs. Once or twice a week we will meet, debate the most pressing issues of the day and come to a consensus on our institutional stance.

Many of you may disagree with our opinions, and we encourage you to send us letters to the editor in response to our editorials.

But we reach conclusions based on the facts we report, and we feel a strong obligation to give our interpretation and judgement of those facts.

We are the voice of the students, but we too are students.

The Editorial Board can be contacted at 335-2290 or by [email protected]