Reader Reactions: ‘WSU student dies in car crash on I-90 returning to Pullman on Saturday’

Readers react to the breaking news of a fatal car crash that occurred on Jan. 7 on Interstate 90, involving three cars. Sophomore Dashiell Mortell died in the incident. Shortly after the collision, a six-car crash occurred at the same location. Between midnight on Jan. 7 and 5 p.m. on Jan. 8, there were 154 crashes, 118 of which occurred on I-90 in Grant and Kittitas County, caused by the influx of students returning to WSU the weekend before spring semester began.

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Diana Shelly Jecker: “Roads are icy and many semi-truck drivers are reckless — many drivers of average cars are reckless and it costs people their lives. Please don’t drive if conditions are bad, and be careful! Condolences to the families of all students involved in the crash.”

Andrew Stephenson: “This could be avoided if WSU invested in free shuttles from Seattle, but WSU is just a business.”

Pat Batt: “I guess the message is, it is better miss a few classes than it is to risk your life when the road conditions are horrible. You will always be able to get notes from someone in the class.”

Jan Picatti Baker: “There was at least one student who died in an accident at the beginning of break and now two more. The road conditions have been awful at times this winter. Patience and pre-planning. WSU could open housing one day earlier so all students don’t have to be traveling at the same time.”

Tracie Mirkovich Lane: “Fact is the roads to WSU are inadequate for football weekends/heavy traffic, dark roads, rain, snow, ice, etc. Cougs should NOT have to risk death to get to and from WSU. On a clear, dry, Spring afternoon, with little traffic, they’re great. I guess on all the other days it’s drive at your own risk.”

Lisa Stadt: “Prayers for everyone. Every parents’ biggest nightmare and concern when we send our children back to school.”