Students take the stage

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WSU students demonstrated their abilities in an all-inclusive talent show hosted by the Student Entertainment Board (SEB) on Thursday in the CUB.

The Coug Spotlight featured performances ranging from free-style rap to musical acts and comedy. Participants had their names entered into a raffle for a chance to win a pair of Beats Solo2 headphones.

Participants signed up beforehand on a signup sheet that went around the audience section. Everyone was encouraged to try, as long no swear words or foul language were used in their acts. Three guitarists, a rapper, a ukulele player/songwriter, a pianist and a comedian made the line-up.

Between acts, audience members participated in “Minute to Win It” style games for prizes like lanyards or hats. Games included sucking skittles up a straw to transfer them between paper plates and filling a balloon with air to knock over red solo cups.

Students who swiped their Cougar Cards at the event were entered into a drawing for a free pizza. The winner was announced at 3:30 p.m. and the prize slip was brought over to Pizza Perfection in the CUB, where they made a fresh pizza with her choice of topping.

Sarah Sehrt, SEB executive, oversees the student talent-based programs. Even before attending WSU, she saw a concert hosted by SEB and knew she wanted to get involved.

For actual set-up, it only takes a few days, Sehrt said. They schedule the space a few weeks in advance and get the event approved on CougSync two weeks prior.

Timing also tends to cause issues, as last semester an event going on in the senior ballroom forced them to keep noise to a minimum. Coug Spotlights will usually take place on Thursdays to keep timing consistent, Sehrt said. This one was scheduled to take place during Student Involvement Week, aimed at getting students involved in WSU by performing.

Seiji Furukawa had been playing guitar for ten years, beginning at age nine. He decided to play guitar in the Coug Spotlight because he regretted not coming last time due to a work conflict. He performed two songs, including one in Japanese titled “Memories.”

“I also get to see some talented people and some not-so-talented,” he said, “like someone rapping badly to make everyone smile.”

Shane Mulligan, a sophomore construction major, wrote two songs titled “Doctor! Doctor!” and “Rise Above,” which he performed on his ukulele. He has played for four years, beginning in band class where he stole his friend’s ukulele and eventually got his own.

A friend told him to do Coug Spotlight last year, and Mulligan has participated ever since, he said.

At first, Mulligan said he suffered from stage fright, but now it is worse when someone he knows recognizes him and proceeds to criticize. The best part of performing is the crowd, he said.

The next Coug Spotlight will take place March 9th.