Voices: ‘Angels and Sunflowers’

Trigger Warning: The following poem contains suicidal elements and themes

EVELYN KRAFT, Evergreen contributor

I feel you.
The way you show me how you care,
I feel you.
Trusting me with every fiber of your being,
I feel you.
When your words hit dangerously close to home,
I feel you.
 I’ll take it in
This may be the last sunset I see with you
But I’ll take it in
This may be the last night I’m with you
But Ill breathe in the night air like none other.
You were with me in the beginning
But now were lost in the moment
Together in an eternal minute
Forever minus a few seconds
All I want is you for the next few eternities.
•I need you
Everyone gets depressed.
And when they do they take a pill,
One pill
two pill
blue and yellow birdpoo pill
A pill for every feeling,
A fill for every feeling
Three pills turns to fifteen pills
Hit the ground with a thump
Blacking out before you hit the ground
Your last breath taken with a smile on your face
Wait right here
I’ll be back when tomorrow comes
When the crows stop their screaming
When the my broken mind is put back together like a puzzle for the wicked
When the genocide is over
I’ll be back when tomorrow comes