ISC president questions ASWSU ethics

The International Students’ Council (ISC) president called for more accountability among the student government at ASWSU’s Senate meeting yesterday.

At a Nov. 27 hearing, the ASWSU Judicial Board ruled President Kevin Lindquist’s termination of an ISC programming officer to be unconstitutional and grounds for impeachment. The Senate has not voted on impeachment and tabled discussion of the subject at its last meeting.

Lindquist said the hearing, ruling and treatment from the Senate have been unfair. He said he tried to reschedule the hearing five times because of other obligations but the chief justice refused and he did not attend. Lindquist also said the Judicial Board was unfairly biased against him in its ruling and the Senate failed to hold them accountable.

The favoritism represented in this situation needs to be stopped, he said.

Lindquist said he has witnessed student leaders act unethically. He called on the Senate to take a closer look at the Judicial Board’s practices. All-Campus Sen. Matthew Morrow expressed disagreement later in the meeting. He said the Judicial Board acted properly and even showed restraint. Morrow cited the ASWSU bylaws, which state, “The Judicial Board may with a majority vote… terminate membership standing in ASWSU.”

He said the Board should be applauded for the way they handled the complicated situation and for withholding their power.