‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ leaves audiences wanting more

Beloved character now hangs in balance between Disney’s, Sony’s clutches while fans wonder where Peter Parker’s story ends


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“Spider-Man: Far From Home” played at the CUB Auditorium this weekend. The movie was free for students with their Cougar Cards.

ROOS HELGESEN, Evergreen columnist

If you haven’t seen this movie, where have you been?

Tom Holland, who plays Peter Parker, brings us another thrilling and hilarious addition to the “Spider-Man” saga.

Beware if you haven’t watched “Avengers: Endgame” — spoilers ahead.

The known dead Tony Stark gives his apprentice Peter Parker a pair of glasses that gives him access the entirety of the Stark network — which includes the billions of murderous robots stored in a satellite in space.

This is something Parker can control at will, I would like to mention. He does not think he is worthy and gives the glasses away to someone else. The results … well, you will just need to watch for yourself.

This movie brings together the fun quippy aspect of the Spider-Man we all know and love, the feeling of uncertainty of growing up, and whether you are good enough.

Now that Sony and Disney are at odds, who knows how the franchise is going to run out. The end of the movie sets up Peter Parker for a perfect leaping off point to go into the rest of the Marvel universe, as well as many more sequels.

But with this feud it may come to an end. Let us pray for Spider-Man so that he can stay in the Marvel Cinematic University.

We all know Sony needs director Kevin Feige’s vision in order to continue this great trend in Marvel movies.