“Good Boys” could have been better



Seth Rogen co-stars in “Good Boys,” a raunchy comedy directed by Gene Stupnitsky.

ROOS HELGESEN, Evergreen columnist

My first thought when hearing about this movie was, “This is going to be the closest thing to a live-action “South Park” we are ever going to get.”

It’s crude, funny and raunchy as hell.

The movie “Good Boys” centers around a middle school boy and his two friends getting ready to go to a party to get a kiss from a girl.

In order to accomplish this, they of course need to do some extensive “research” into the subject.

This encompasses everything from looking up how to kiss a girl, to porn, weed, alcohol and sex toys.

The main selling point for the comedy of the movie comes from the naivety of how the characters deal with these adult themes.

It cannot go unnoticed that at certain points in the movie the seemingly naive middle schoolers show some very mature understanding.

For example, in one scene the kids are trying to buy weed off of a drug dealer, and the drug dealer says something about a woman with some obvious sexual innuendo. And one of the kids responds, that the girl would have to give consent first. It’s times like this where you truly wonder if kids their age actually understand some of the things going on in adult society.

The movie was fun and had a great cast and vision, but it just felt like a bunch of cheap obscene comedy scenes slapped together.

It’s OK, but I wish director Gene Stupnitsky took more creative liberties with it.

If you don’t like raunchy Seth Rogan-type humor then this is not for you, if you do try it out. It makes for a good hang out sort of movie.