Proposal submitted for new student apartment complex

Too soon for time frame to be determined, director estimates finish in 2021



Kevin Gardes, Pullman public works director, talks about repairing leaks in water lines on Feb. 13 in the Public Works department at City Hall.

ANDREA GONZALEZ, Evergreen reporter

A land development firm submitted a proposal to build a student housing complex in apartment land.

Whipple Consulting Engineers submitted the environmental checklist application on Sept. 30 on behalf of Annex of Pullman LLC.

Kevin Gardes, Pullman public works director, said Spring of 2020 is when grading, building construction and additional site work would start.

The grading is where the contractor does earth moving for the building site, parking lots and roads, Gardes said.

The construction would affect the surrounding residents because they will see and hear the construction activity during normal working hours. There would also be an increase in construction traffic in regards to the concrete trucks and dump trucks with rocks, material and debris, Gardes said

Allyson Andrade, Whipple Consulting Engineers marketing communications coordinator, said the student housing will be built at 1605 Northeast Northwood Dr.

There will be approximately 210 apartments built that will have about 415 bedrooms for 415 people, Andrade said.

The apartments will also have about 415 parking spaces and the site will be about 10 acres, Gardes said.

He said it is too soon to know the exact time for when the project will end but estimates it will conclude in the summer of 2021. It is ultimately up to the constructors to determine the end date, Gardes said.