Letter from the editor: Do not ask why Dad is not visiting

KATIE ARCHER, Evergreen reporter

A weekend focused around parents can be fun for some people, but painful for others.

I’m one of many students whose Dad will not be here this weekend. It’s not always easy getting through a Dad’s Weekend when you have people asking why he is not here, and events in town are reminding you about your Dad.

There are many potential reasons why someone’s Dad will not visit this year:

Dad does not like football and decided to not make a weekend trip that is centered around a football game. Student is out of state and Dad cannot afford to make the trip to Pullman. Student’s Dad is in the military. Student’s Dad could not get the time off of work. Student grew up without a Dad. Student does not have a good relationship with Dad. Student was abused by Dad. Student’s Dad is in the hospital. Student’s Dad is dead.

I always hate getting asked why my Dad isn’t coming. If you ask a person if their Dad will be here this weekend and the individual says no, do not ask why because it’s probably one of the reasons I gave.

We do not need to give you a reason. If we wanted to, we would have already said it. We do not want to talk about it with strangers.

Most importantly, it is none of your business why our Dads will not be here in Pullman this weekend. My Dad will not be here this weekend, and you do not need to know why.

Honestly, how does it benefit you to know why my Dad will not be here?

It certainly it does not benefit me to tell you details about my life. In fact, I think if I did share the details, you would look at me and say, “I’m sorry.” I don’t want to hear that because I have heard it enough and it has never really helped me.

I don’t think other students want to hear “I’m sorry” either when they did not want to give you the details in the first place. We want to say no without being attacked with nosey questions.

If you’re hanging out with your Dad this weekend, have fun but please be mindful of the questions you ask your peers.

Also, I realize this is early, but all of this will basically apply in the spring when Mom’s Weekend rolls around. Don’t ask your peers why their parents will not visit during their respected weekends. Thank you.