Discounted tickets for international students


International students, many of whom do not attend football games, may receive tickets at a discounted price.

The ASWSU Senate and the International Student Council (ISC) are working to lower football ticket prices for international students, many of whom do not attend games.

“We wanted to come up with a way that international students could go to games at lower costs,” ISC President Kevin Lindquist said, “and at the same time encourage more of them to attend and watch football.”

Ye Eun, or Jenny Park, a sophomore human development major from South Korea, said she would go if tickets were less expensive.

“I think it gives an adrenaline rush because everyone is so hyped and the environment is so cheerful,” Park said. “My favorite movies are ‘The Blind Side’ and ‘Radio,’ which both share the common theme of football. So, I’ve always thought of football as a sport that brings people together.”

The 2016-2017 tuition for international students is just over $25,000, about twice the amount of in-state tuition. Most of these students are coming from other countries on scholarship and often they don’t have the extra money to go to games. Additionally, football is not as popular or well-known in many students’ home countries.

“In India, we have cricket, which we follow more,” said Aaditi Lele, who is receiving her masters in Molecular Bioscience. Football does not hold as much cultural significance for her as it does for most Americans, but she is interested in the experience.

“I would definitely want to see what it is people are really crazy about,” she said.

According to Lindquist, International Programs would have to arrange something with the Athletics department. Ideally, he said, the Office of the President would collaborate with admissions and work out the sports pass for incoming international students.

“This is something feasible for the school to do,” Lindquist said. “The tickets for international students should be free since they are Cougars and Cougars look out for one another, even if they are from other countries. We should be showing them American culture, and what better way than giving them the American experience with football?”