The Daily Evergreen’s official Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Finding the perfect present can be hard; our guide can help



A simple gift can be the best one. Don’t be afraid to gift your friends something small or tasty.

MINDY MALONE, Evergreen copy chief

Coming up with gift ideas can be the hardest part of the holiday season. With experience, intuition and some inspiration from this “The Seattle Times” gift guide, I’ve compiled this list to make your December a little easier.

Gifts for Him:

Sherpa has been a winter signature for the last few years and it’s not exclusive to women. A Sherpa-lined jacket or flannel can make for a great gift, especially if the giftee spends a good deal of time outside. The Sherpa lining ensures they’ll be warm and comfy all winter long.

You can add a more personal touch to a gift by getting a custom-engraved beer growler or whiskey glass. Initials, a map, anything that you know they’ll love and be proud to drink from.

Personally, I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a sampler. Meat and cheese, tea, whiskey or wine – it will feel like giving a lot of gifts even though it’s only one.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from trying to buy gifts for my dad every year, it’s that the best thing to get someone who has everything and wants nothing is something with a purpose. Whether it be a foam roller, a new drill, a custom waffle maker or golfing gear – if it does more than sit around, they’re going to love it.

Gifts for Her:

Self-care is number one. The person you’re gifting to doesn’t have to obsess over skin or hair care to indulge in it when the opportunity arrives. Face masks, body scrubs or other ways to pamper yourself are gifts no one will be upset to receive.

I’ve never heard of someone receiving flowers as a Christmas gift, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. I can’t imagine anything better than walking downstairs Christmas morning to a fresh bouquet tied up with a bow under the tree.

Weighted blankets are proven to be therapeutic, relieving anxiety and stress. Just remember to follow the rule of one-tenth the blanket-receiver’s body weight plus a pound or two, or this blanket could have the opposite effect.

If your loved one is invested in the latest trends, consider a scrunchie or scarf scrunchie, or a plaid skirt. Adorable for the holidays and the rest of the year, these items make for a perfectly-put-together outfit.

Gifts for the Home:

Incorporating art into yours or your loved one’s home can make the space more visually interesting. Art for the home doesn’t have to be paintings or sculptures. Little things like ornate mirrors or decorative bookends can do the trick.

Coziness is a fair way to judge how welcoming a home feels. Loading up on throw blankets or throw pillows is never a bad idea. They’ll get a lot of use, especially in our cold Palouse winters.

A good default gift when you don’t know what to give is a candle. You don’t have to go somewhere special to buy one or risk ordering online. I found a nice one while grocery shopping that’s made my apartment smell like a peppermint hot chocolate.

Tech Gifts:

Turntables are back in fashion and for good reason. The rich quality of uncompressed sound is unparalleled. Vinyl records make for a beautiful display, and with turntables available in an array of colors, the two are perfect for purposeful décor.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and if someone you know loves taking photos any time you’re together, consider getting them a digital photo frame (preloaded with photos, of course) or mobile instant photo printer so they can print photos straight off their phone.

Touchless items have become a staple for a smart home. Beneficial to those with disabilities – or those who simply like the newest gadgets available – a touchless lamp or trashcan, a wireless charger or smart bulbs are good gifts to give.

Gifts for Pets: 

Pets are family too. If you know the owner would like it, consider getting their pet holiday clothing so it can look the part during the festivities.

While not always necessary for the pet, rain or snow boots are cute and season-appropriate.

The same way a sampler is a good gift for a human, it’s a good gift for a canine pal too. Various gourmet dog treat samplers can be found online or in select pet stores.

Most pet beds don’t get too eccentric, but cats are an exception. A cat tent is a creative gift for any feline that isn’t afraid of small spaces. You can find do-it-yourself instructions online if you prefer to hand-make your gifts.

Gifts for the Kitchen-Savvy:

If someone you know loves coffee and prefers to make theirs at home, consider getting them a hand grinder or a French press.

Anyone meticulous about their food or anyone that really likes smoothies would enjoy a joint food scale and blender. While it’s not the most glamorous of gifts, it’s a gift likely to become part of their daily routine.

A cookbook is a good idea for anyone who wants to try a new diet or wants to get more into cooking in general. You can personalize this gift by making a scrapbook of recipes you think they would enjoy from websites like “New York Times Cooking.

For the more artsy people you gift to, consider decorative kitchenware. An eye-catching cocktail mix set, colorful pots and pans or salt and pepper shakers that double as sculptures will find a place in their kitchen and in their heart.

Gifts for the Outdoors-Lover:

If the person you’re gifting to likes to spend time with nature, consider getting gear to aid in their hobby. A packable down coat is a good start. Lightweight and easy to transport – while still providing all the warmth you’d want from a coat – it’s helpful to those who want to spend time outdoors without bringing an excess of stuff.

Trekking poles are a good gift for someone who enjoys long hikes or backpacking, regardless of physical ability.

Should they not already have one, a multi-tool is an important device to have.

If you’re the one who enjoys the outdoors, but you can’t get your loved one(s) to come with, consider gifting them “glamping materials.” Things like a portable propane space heater, battery-operated string lights and pillows that aren’t inflatable soften up the idea of “roughing it,” making them more willing to go.