Reader reactions: ‘Football player charged with felony robbery’

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Readers react to criminal charges filed against sophomore linebacker Logan Tago. The Whitman County Prosecutor, Denis Tracy, charged Tago with second-degree robbery and fourth-degree assault. Head Coach Mike Leach stated at a news conference on Monday that he intended to continue playing Tago despite Athletics Director Bill Moos’ policy that prohibits players charged with felonies from competing. Tago was arrested on Sept. 12 and told police that he was part of a group that assaulted a man and stole his beer on June 4.

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Emma Kurtenbach: “Of course (Leach is) still playing him. It’s honestly embarrassing that Leach represents our university.”

Jefferson James Thomas Douglas: “Why is it that the only man charged or identified in this case is a person of color, yet all the white boys in his group got off scot-free?”

Kris Rollins: “Innocent until proven guilty? He admitted to it. What more proof is needed? Everyone’s happy that we beat Stanford, but we sure have a dirty team this year!”

Andrew Bodenstein: “Even if he did it, since when was stealing a 6 pack a felony? Holy prosecutor overreach. That’ll never stick in court.”

Marilyn Washabaugh: “So a group assaulted (the victim), but only Tago is charged?”

Jens Hegg: “For those who think innocent until proven guilty should apply here: it does, but that doesn’t shield anyone from not being kicked off a team. Your employer can also fire you simply because you are charged with a crime. They don’t have to wait until you are convicted. They can protect their own interests, just as the college can protect theirs.

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