Letter to the editor: Voting for Democrats


I’ll vote for equality. I don’t endorse bigotry, division, and racism. I will not endorse any candidate who publicly belittles another person based on religion, sex, national origin, disability, or race.

Republicans have proven time and again they are unwilling to work for the common good of the people.

They are unwilling to put forth a budget that works for all Americans and not just for the wealthy and multi-national corporations.

We pay taxes to have a civilized, modern society.

I don’t like wasteful government spending, but at the same time, I differ with GOP factions on what that means.

I support spending on education. I want all children, regardless of economic or ethnic backgrounds to have the same opportunities and advantages. I support higher education spending, including vocational education, and high-speed internet service to all Americans.

I want less spending on munitions and wars, and more funding for people.

This includes honoring our obligations to our veterans and funding their benefits adequately; nutrition for the food insecure; Section 8 housing for low-income seniors and other citizens; giving seniors a CPI-E increase and lifting all seniors and disabled people out of poverty, as many receive less than $900 per month; basic infrastructure spending because our highways and bridges are not safe; and the modernization of our antiquated railway system, as well as gaining renewable energy technologies.

These are just some of the reasons why I voted for all Democrats this year, like Jennifer Goulet and Joe Pakootas.