Letter from the editor: Welcome to Roots



Roots Editor Rachel Sun looks at a rough draft of an article during a readout with reporter Joel Kemegue Friday afternoon in the Evergreen newsroom.

RACHEL SUN, Roots editor

When the editorial staff first considered changing our Life section to “Roots” last semester, it was only because someone had made a joke about having more plant-themed sections. If you read the newspapers, you may have noticed our semi-cringy love of wordplay. Even though it started as a joke, “Roots” quickly took… Well, you know. 

For those of you who don’t know me, hi. I’m Rachel, and I’ll be the editor for the Roots section.

The reason I bring up our change in name is 1.) to mitigate confusion for our regular readers and 2.) because even though the editors think the name is cute, it’s also reflective of a larger shift in the section.

This semester, Roots writers will be refocusing their coverage primarily on things like business, food, nonprofits and profiles. You might think of us as a bit like the Evergreen’s metro section, but with a fun twist. 

If things get too serious News will cover them, and we’ll be leaving the arts and culture stories to Mint. It’s part of our efforts to let each section shine doing what they do best, and thoroughly differentiate ourselves from Mint.

Pullman has some great hidden and not-so-hidden gems that are worth checking out. Even better, if you want to really push yourself to explore try a trip across the Idaho border to Moscow. If you’ve heard any stereotype about the state, just know it’s nearly the polar opposite.

I get it, it’s easy to get caught up with homework and never venture further than Pullman’s Walmart. I’ve certainly been there. But the truth is, it’s worth it to find out what our region has to offer.

Whether you find out something new about the barista at your favorite coffee shop, get inspired to volunteer at a nonprofit or find a restaurant you didn’t know about to try, I hope Roots can be your guide along the way.

Finally, if you know of something nobody is paying attention to but should, a cool person we should write about, or just something you’re curious about, let us know.

You can email me at [email protected] (we haven’t changed the email yet) or send in a news tip on our website, Facebook page or Twitter. I can’t wait to hear from you.