Letter to the editor: Conservatives won’t be silent


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WSU’s own College Republicans have now given a reason for every student, staff and faculty member on campus to be scared.

But it isn’t for the reason you might think.

Freedom of speech is being targeted at WSU and everyone should be aware of it. Tens, if not hundreds of students are planning on intervening with the wall demonstration in front of Todd Hall on Oct. 19.

The thought of students silencing other students because of differing political opinion is sickening.

A college campus should be a place where anyone can freely share or discuss ideas. Now it is turning into a liberalized safe-zone.

As a conservative, I would like to speak for all of us and say that this is nothing new. Republicans have been under fire in the education system for years, it’s just something we’re used to.

But let me make this clear, WSU College Republicans are not going to back down from this demonstration, nor should they.

It is their constitutional right to build that wall.

Let the record show that I do not support Donald Trump, but this issue is bigger than that.

Universities in America are under assault from anti-free speech advocates and I will not stand by while millions of conservatives nationwide are silenced from voicing their opinion.

I will wholeheartedly support the College Republicans’ right to build the wall, just as I would support any other free speech demonstration.

I think you should consider doing so, too.