Moscow bar hosts Scott Pemberton with Ticket Sauce


Scott Pemberton and Ticket Sauce performed American rock on Saturday night at John’s Alley Tavern in Moscow.

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Members of the Scott Pemberton band came together on Saturday night to give a wildin’ out, west coast funk performance.

Scott Pemberton and Ticket Sauce performed lived at John’s Alley Tavern in Moscow, also known as “Moscow’s Home of Live Music.”

The local bar was filled with enthused fans and jammin’ hands.

Fans find Pemberton’s music to be original and comparative to mainstream American rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix.

“He’s like a new age Jimi Hendrix on the guitar, but he has his own sound, the type that you just don’t hear anymore,” Erica Rousseau, one of Pemberton’s fans, said. “If he wasn’t incredible, we wouldn’t have just bought two of his CDs.”

Pemberton’s signature move gets the crowd going. He lays the guitar flat on a stool and plays it while it’s laying down, like a piano.

“It’s not just about the performing.” percussionist, Rudy Slizewski, said. “It’s getting to ride around in a bus with your friends and going on countless adventures.”

Slizewski and Pemberton have been playing together for five years, but they weren’t always so familiar with one another.

“We got set up to do a recording session together through this big record company.” Slizewski said. “It was like a blind date.”

Pemberton and his band will soon make their way to various locations in California.

In between shows, Pemberton got on stage to jam out in style with Ticket Sauce.

Ticket Sauce is a jam rock blues band from Missoula, Montana. As part of the Montana Musicians and Artists Coalition, Ticket Sauce lead vocalist Leif Christian has helped to create annual community music and art festival in downtown Missoula called “Zoofest.”

Pemberton and Ticket Sauce together created an infectious vibe that radiated throughout the whole bar.

“We like to keep it loose and do a lot of improv,” Christian said. “It’s always different. You never know what to expect.”