STAGE keeps theater alive

Editor’s Note: 

On Thursday, Jan. 30, 2020 The Daily Evergreen published an article about STAGE Student Theare. The director of public relations of STAGE emailed The Daily Evergreen to make us aware of mistakes made in the article. As an editorial staff we would like to apologize to the organization for the misinformation in the article we published. The article will be taken down on our website and replaced with this editor’s note.

The mistakes are as the following:
– The article refers to the spring production incorrectly. The correct name of the production is: “Murder On West Moon Street”

– It also incorrectly refers to the three seperate things within STAGE, Nuthouse Improv Comedy, and a one act STAGE production called Stage One. It uses a quote referring to Nuthouse Improv Comedy to speak about Stage One. The Daily Evergreen is now aware of the differences between these three things.

– Lastly, the director of public relations pointed out an overall thematic note we also wish to correct. Through out the article there is a theme that expresses in someway that STAGE is “bringing back” performing arts to WSU. However, this is untrue because STAGE never left and has remained a prominent RSO through rounds of budget cuts from WSU to the program.

The Daily Evergreen Editorial Board