Letter to the editor: Alt-right politics


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As of Oct. 13, the editorial staff has not been able to get in contact with the author of this letter. The Daily Evergreen cannot verify its authenticity.

There has been much talk at WSU lately about the ideas of free speech and what is okay to say and what is not okay to say politically.

I came from Africa at an early age. I have heard many stories of how politics are in my country of Nigeria.

But make no mistake, even the terrible things Boko Haram is doing in my country are nowhere as near as scary as the “alt-right” that is taking place in America.

Knowing that the alt-right is on campus makes it hard for people of color.

Even events like the Black Lives Matter rally in Moscow are now no longer safe from the alt-right.

I do not know if white Americans know how much privilege they have.

As a person of color, we often feel like no one cares who we are until we put on the mask of white identity and act less like ourselves and more like a white person.

College should be a safe place to learn.

When the university sees hate speech and hate facts of the alt-right, they have a responsibility to their students to keep us safe and shut it down.

It’s 2016, and in this current year, I hope that my white brothers and sisters will stand with me and stand up for kindness and love and tell the alt-right their hate speech, walls, racist frogs and hate facts are not welcome in our country — before it’s too late.