Mayor makes announcements at city council meeting


Mark Workman, city supervisor (left), and Laura McAloon (right) at Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

From staff reports

Pullman Mayor Glenn Johnson said at a city council meeting last night the Pullman Building Permit Office exceeded $100 million in evaluation of buildings, shattering a previous record of about $98,000 in 2014.

Johnson said they are on track for $150 million.

“This is the year,” Johnson said.

Johnson also made announcements of upcoming events:

There is a walking tour of historic sites on Sept. 23 and Mutt Strutt on Oct. 8 benefiting the Humane Society.

Neil Public Library closes until Oct. 21 due to storm water drain construction.

The council approved all motions including traffic signal repairs, Terre View bridge repair, and added property to Germain Farms, LLC.

The council also approved a six-year transit development plan.

Pullman Transit Manager Wayne Thompson said their focus is to replace buses and safety features of Pullman Transit vehicles.

The council also approved a labor agreement between Pullman and Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 1015.

City Supervisor Mark Workman said the insurance plan for transit workers will be discontinued by 2017 and a new one will be implemented next April. Salaries will also be changed from salary-based to hourly payment.

The next city council meeting is Sept. 27.

Reporting by Katie Shadler