JC JH JK JT| Motion for additional Lawson Garden parking lot passed

Adding 13 parking spots will fulfill Lawson Garden’s parking capacity; will reduce unlawful parking

LAUREN ELLENBECKER, Evergreen reporter

The Lawson Garden Committee discussed adding additional parking spots at Lawson Garden during a meeting Wednesday. 

Merlene Greenway, Pullman Parks and Recreation administrative assistant, led the discussion in the director’s absence. 

The committee approved the motion to add 13 additional parking spots at Lawson Garden in order to fulfill the garden’s parking capacity, she said. This will reduce the possibility of people parking in nearby neighborhoods. There are currently 40 parking spots at the park.

The design recommendation connects the original parking lot to the proposed one with a pre-existing path. The committee also discussed including new LED lighting along the path and new parking lot.

The project recommendation will be passed to the Pullman Publics Works Department as well as an architect before it goes out to bid, Greenway said. The cost and the amount of time needed to construct the additional lot will not be known until the project goes out to bid.