Best movies for Valentine’s date night

Watch “Heathers,” “Gerald’s Game,” “The Spectacular Now” for fun movie hangout



These are movies to set your Valentine’s Day mood – whatever that mood may be.

ANNIKA ZEIGLER, Evergreen columnist

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many couples plan to try a new restaurant, go sightseeing, or visit a theater. Others will opt to stay inside, especially considering the February snow that’s supposed to hit Pullman in the coming weeks. Many of us prefer to “Netflix and Chill” for romantic occasions anyway, mostly because it’s warmer, more comfortable and you can wear sweatpants and that three-days-worn hoodie. It’s the dream.

The only issue with opting to watch a movie at home is that there are so many movies on Netflix — not even factoring in Hulu, Amazon Prime or other subscription services. It can be a chore to scroll through bottomless lists of B-movies and things you’ve already seen. I’ve compiled a list of standout films to stream as a Valentine’s Day gift to you. You’re welcome.

A perfect Valentine’s Day watch on Netflix would be “The Spectacular Now.” It’s a gorgeous, coming-of-age romance that explores the dynamic between party-boy Sutter and sweetheart Aimee. A film that anyone can fall in love with, “The Spectacular Now” is one of the most elevated romance films available to stream, with a stunning soundtrack, gorgeous cinematography and a beautiful young adult love story.

If you’re looking for something edgier, the Netflix original “Gerald’s Game” is the perfect mix of sexy, scary and awe-inspiring. This film follows Gerald and Jessie, a married couple who retreat by themselves to a secluded cabin for a weekend of romance. After Gerald handcuffs Jessie to their bed upon arrival, preparing for some Netflix and chill(ing) of their own, Gerald suffers a fatal heart attack, leaving Jessie on her own to escape the cuffs, her mind and the house in the middle of nowhere. “Gerald’s Game” is perfect for couples into cult horror, and even delivers a surprisingly resilient and touching storyline about gender-based trauma.

If you are looking for a blend between these two films, “American Honey” is your match. The film starts off heartbreaking as teenager Star raises two kids who are not hers and is abused by her father. The film takes a hopeful tone when she meets Jake, a traveling salesman who falls for her. As Star leaves behind her broken home to follow Jake and his crew, she not only falls in love with him, but herself and the world around her, painting a beautiful portrait of coming-of-age in the Midwest.

If none of these sound ideal for getting streamy and steamy, I have suggestions for Hulu as well. “Loving Vincent,” a film crafted from 65,000 frames of oil paintings, follows Vincent Van Gogh’s family and friends in the days after his death, ultimately providing a message of love and acceptance.

“Heathers” is an obvious Valentine’s choice for couples who are more into cult classics, following Veronica and JD’s romantically-driven plot to kill the ruling clique at their high school, AKA the “Heathers.”

“If Beale Street Could Talk” proves to be one of the best choices, showing a powerful portrayal of black love in juxtaposition with systemic racism. “If Beale Street Could Talk” follows Fonny, a wrongfully imprisoned black man, and Tish, his pregnant girlfriend, as they both attempt to get Fonny out of jail so he can be present for their child. Incredibly heartbreaking and fulfilling at the same time, the film paints a beautiful portrait of love and injustice.

If you’re still looking for more, you could try out “A Simple Favor” on Amazon Prime. Arguably the most fun film on this list, “A Simple Favor” follows Stephanie, a widowed blogger whose wealthy, seemingly perfect best friend vanishes. This prompts Stephanie to investigate, finding clues to her friend’s disappearance while simultaneously falling into a whirlwind romance. This is definitely the pick for those who are more into chick flicks but will not disappoint anyone in the mood for a mystery.

To top off this list, I suggest “Creed II.” This is not only one of the greatest fighting films ever made but carries a surprisingly poignant romance storyline that will have you in tears. It’s a beautiful tale of love and triumph in the face of adversity, following Adonis Creed’s struggle for purpose.

All these films will fare well for a sweet, stay-at-home Valentine’s date with your partner. Whether you’re in the mood for romance, mystery or horror, I assure there is something on this list that will perfectly set the mood. Now get to streaming and happy Valentine’s Day.