New York Fashion Week review

Designers small and large that made their mark on the industry last week



“My favorite Fall 2020 collection was by Carolina Herrera. Her collection was minimalistic in design yet powerful in color.”

OLGA BEREZYUK, Evergreen columnist

New York Fashion Week took our breath away and set the standard for the three remaining “Big Four” — London, Milan and Paris.

Some new designers that took part in the New York Fashion week include Fe Noel, Sukeina, Collina Strada, Sandy Liang and Private Policy. As Raquel Laneri wrote in her story for the New York Post, these five are the most notable new brands making a mark in the fashion industry. Unsurprisingly, all five are based out of New York. New York brand participation has grown every year since New York City mayor Bill de Blasio tripled the support for Made in NY: Fashion initiatives in 2015.

My favorite Fall 2020 collection was by Carolina Herrera. Her collection was minimalistic in design yet powerful in color. The line went from sheer white to bold colors of blood-red, neon pink and orange, to softer colors including baby blue, yellow and tan. I felt a sense of modesty in this line. Many of the dresses and pantsuits were either calf-, ankle- or floor-length, adding to the aesthetic. The modesty was tastefully broken up with elements of deep V-necks, open backs and off-the-shoulder sleeves. Most of the looks featured long sleeves, which are perfect for chilly autumn days.

What I found most interesting was that, despite being a fall/winter line, many of the designs had floral prints incorporated. It makes me wonder if it’s to reach people on a psychological level of not wanting to let go of summer. Overall the line seemed simple yet elegant. Many of the models wore flat lace-up brogues. Accessories were not included in the collection; the apparel itself was the main focus.

Jonathan Simkhai, a designer of luxury ready-to-wear clothing for women, also put on a good show. Throughout his collection it was clear his goal is to bring power back into women’s closets. This is seen in the linear lines of the trench coats and suits, and the flattering silhouettes seen in the jumpsuits and dresses.

Simkhai played around with color in his collection. He used different shades of brown, hints of black and gold accents like the dangling chain earrings to give the impression of warmth and comfort. He included colors such as an illuminating orange and a vivid red to bring more playfulness and excitement.

A unique feature in this collection was the fringe attached to the dresses and tailored into the suits. Animal prints were seen collectively in certain pieces. This is a collection that I see myself wearing in a metropolitan area. 

New York Fashion Week will return in the fall and I’m sure it will continue to visually please us for many years to come.