Letter to the editor: We need a change


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How many of you think this country is progressing in the right direction?

How many of you think that our Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers is representing and supporting your concerns?

How many of you can count on being heard when you call, send a letter, email, or attend a town hall meeting?

Probably most of you would answer “no” to these questions.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers, our representative in Congress for the 5th District, has been our representative in Congress for five terms, and she doesn’t need a sixth.

She has lost touch with the people. It can easily be seen that she is tired of representing us, and doesn’t even live in the district any more.

Her last town hall meeting in Spokane answered a total of seven questions, and she was out of the Lincoln Center within an hour.

Her only bright idea is to privatize (fix) the VA medical services, hiding behind the Koch brothers’ sponsorship.

We need new ideas, new representation, a new infusion of energy.

If you believe you need to be heard and your positions be fought for, vote for Joe Pakootas.

He lives in our district, listens to the people, is accessible and is not a Washington D.C. insider.

Nancy Street | Cheney