Reader reactions: ‘Guest column: College Republicans strive to make WSU great again”

Readers react to a guest column by James Allsup, president of the WSU College Republicans. Allsup stated that one of the reasons students are voting for Trump is because they are tired of free speech limits on college campuses. Allsup also criticized safe spaces, stating that students across the country are tired of being told that “innocuous jokes and common language can potentially be ‘triggering’ or ‘non-inclusive.’”

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Carl Malec: “Maybe they don’t understand what freedom of speech is? … Being called out for being a racist, bigot, or otherwise (expletive) from your peers is what will happen when you exercise your freedom of speech sometimes though.”

Omar Sanchez: “Tired of being called racist? Maybe you need a safe space.”

Darrell Gustavus Punningham: “Trump banned half a dozen major news providers. Free speech? Freedom of the press?”

Luke Holbert: “If you want free speech then complaining about people calling you a racist is pretty hypocritical. You’re free to speak your mind just as much they are to speak theirs.”

David Mclerran: “The libertarians will be with you on this fight. We don’t agree on everything, but the lack of freedom of speech on our campus is appalling.”

Tyler Walker: “People who criticize social justice do not make sense to me. If you are against social justice movements because you’re obsessed with watching the most extreme forms of it then you’re setting yourself up for failure. At the end of the day, people want to be treated fairly and equally and if you’re an opponent of that then I’m personally not inclined to think you’re that great of an influence for society.”

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