Leach calls out law enforcement and media

From staff reports

WSU football Head Coach Mike Leach addressed double standards in the media and law enforcement when it comes to accusations against football players during a statement after practice on Tuesday.

Leach cited three incidents in which his players have allegedly assaulted people since June, saying comments in the media have already condemned the football players in public opinion. He noted that none have been charged and some have not been arrested.

“I’m going to do what I should have done in the first place,” he said, “which is presume them innocent until proven guilty.”

The statement follows the arrest of linebacker Logan Tago on Monday. Pullman Police staff confirmed Tago was arrested for an incident of second-degree robbery and second-degree assault in June.

Another player, safety Shalom Luani, may also face charges for allegedly assaulting a man at Domino’s Pizza last month, and the investigation continues into an assault at a party in July which allegedly involved multiple football players and left several students injured.

Leach said they are going to let the legal system take its course and accept whatever charges may arise, but that it is wrong to accuse only football players. He said if other guilty parties are not charged, there must be an “extensive investigation” as to why.

“The system has to be checked,” Leach said, “if with the number of people involved in all these incidents, that the only ones accused … are football players. If that’s the case, then something is seriously wrong, which goes far deeper than whatever has even been alleged.”

Reporting by Cody Cottier