Letter to the editor: Third party candidates

KYLE ROYCE | Pullman

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Third party candidates

After reading the recent commentaries in this newspaper, I’ve come to realize that this election has effectively cut the middle ground out of American politics.

The political debates occurring on this campus are representative of those occurring throughout the nation as a whole.

Growing up as millennials, most college students have developed fiscally conservative principles as a result of the Great Recession, while also supporting the social tolerance that comes with being the most diverse generation in American history.

We know nothing other than a political climate where it seems that no important legislation can be passed without corporate pandering and the support of radical partisan ideologues.

Neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump represent most millennials’ ideals.

While Clinton supports the tolerance we believe in, she also represents more of the same policies that we have recycled for the last 20 years.

Alternatively, Trump disavows politics as usual, offering a variety of anti-establishment political positions, yet his rhetoric is frankly repulsive to most people in our generation.

The election of either candidate would only increase partisan bickering and tension across the United States.

That is why Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party nominee, represents the best option for president.

He is willing to compromise and work with both parties on the issues that matter, and to form a bipartisan coalition representing both fiscal conservatism and social tolerance, ideas that most American agree upon.

Johnson needs your support to bring his message to the voting public.

So, WSU, you in?