Ability music experience

By McKenna Rlaston

Raise money through dancing and upbeat music tonight at “The Ability Music Experience” at Stubblefields Bar. Pi Kappa Phi’s organized the event to raise money for their philanthropy, War of the Roses. The event is focused on making the well-being of individuals living with disabilities better by raising awareness and money for programs to build structures that better suit people with handicaps.

Nick Miner, a sophomore studying political science, is the philanthropy chair for Pi Kappa Phi. For Miner, he saw running for an executive position such as philanthropy chair as an ideal way to improve an area of the fraternity that needs help.

“The money we have been able to raise has not been nearly as much as our house could be raising, and so I saw running for philanthropy chair as a way to better the house because I had some good ideas to raise more money than we have in past years,” said Miner.

In preparation for their annual philanthropy, War of the Roses, it opened Miner’s eyes to what exactly needs to be done in order to improve their philanthropy.

“Every year the executive board for Pi Kappa Phi meet at our regional location. We even went to Los Angeles and met with other philanthropy chairs. It opened my eyes to how much effort we should be putting into philanthropies, and it inspired me to put on a great experience,” Miner said.

Miner, along with many other Pi Kappa Phi men, have put in a lot of time and effort into making their philanthropy event enjoyable and memorable.

“I’m really trying to reach out and make this event as widespread as possible. We have very talented musicians and disc jockeys at the experience. You’ll be able to help out a good cause, but also have a good time,” said Miner.

At their philanthropy event, there will be three disc jockeys. Ryan Meeker, also known as “Doozy”, is a local Pullman disc jockey and a friend to the Pi Kappa Phi men who will be performing at the event. Along with Doozy, there will be two other disc jockeys, also Pi Kappa Phi men: Grey Kumar (“Neon Grey”) and Alex Chen (“Casper”).

“Everyone who comes is guaranteed to have a good time, Alex, Ryan and I have a lot of great music to play and the proceeds all go to a good cause so there is no reason not to come,” Kumar said.

Alex Chen or “Casper,” senior, is majoring in communication. Grey Kumar or “Neon Grey” is currently a sophomore and studying management information systems. Both Chen and Kumar have a vast knowledge of many music genres. They’re eager for the philanthropy event.

“The biggest thing is, in terms of the event itself, it’s going to be a really great way to utilize our event and raise money and spread awareness. We can all come together and be part of something bigger than ourselves,” said Jake Vanwinkle, Pi Kappa Phi’s president and a sophomore studying communication and philosophy.

Tickets for the “Ability Music Experience” are $12 at door or $8 at the Pi Kappa Phi booth on the mall. Doors open for the event at 8 p.m. Casper will be performing from 9:30 – 10:30 p.m., and Doozy at 10:30 – 11:30 p.m.