Makeup for a winter wonderland


Freshman Alicia Gates poses while wearing a sharp eyeliner and smokey eye shadow that contrasts the lighter tone of her skin.

As the sky grows fifty different shades of grey and the color fall once promised buries beneath deep white blankets of ice, your skin becomes pale while your eyes lose their gloss and color.

Women, in the wake of Pullman’s recent embrace of heavy snow and rain, depending on the summer’s make-up stash won’t go well for you.

You need to have three things on your mind when deciding what you’ll choose to mask your face with in the morning: “What compliments the weather?”, “What compliments my skin?” and “What is going to last me more than five feet outside of my residence?”

Whether you’re trying to be fashionable or stylish, there are basic color palates that always compliment the wearer in winter months.

Black plays an important role when applying any amount of eyeliner. During November and December, your best bet is to get risky and wear it thick. Don’t cake on so much you can feel your sockets deepening, but define the outer lines and draw them sharp. This will pull out what color is left in your eyes and add definition to your face.

Cooler shades of blue come in handy when one wants to compliment the liner with shadow. Depending on the outfit and the lighting of your environment, darker shades can add a sultry sense of mystery while lighter, smokier shades can add a nice contrast that fades nicely into lighter shades of foundation.

Dark reds are crucial for anyone who appreciates lipstick. By trading up from the more natural feel of lip gloss, you can benefit from the stark contrast that, when worn right, contours the structure of the lips and gives the mouth a crisp yet voluptuous appearance.

Moderate shades of red, and some tints of orange if you’re daring enough, is taken advantage of through the application of blush. You not only want to add color and maintain a warm appearance on your face but also slenderize your facial features to compliment the contrast you’ve worked to build everywhere else.

Those of you with square and rectangular faces should try to accentuate the check bones by applying a sideways v on either side of your face and blend upward. Those of you with oval and triangular faces should worry less about your already dominant cheek bones and simply highlight the bone structure by blending toward their temples.

Either way, blush is intended to compliment the base of your makeup. That base is your foundation, which is probably the most important application to master. It can honesty make or break you.

According to Ellie Emoto, a junior merchandising major, “Blush gets a little darker and foundation gets lighter.”

As skin tone naturally lightens and your summer tan fades away, Emoto stresses that your biggest concern should be avoiding a terribly unattractive foundation line.

“You want it to work with your natural skin tone,” she said.

She suggests popular, high quality foundations from Laura Mercier, M.A.C., and her personal favorite, Smash Mouth.

M.A.C. has multiple varieties that are built to resist poor weather. With a liquid foundation equipped with sunscreen and a water-resistant blend for the face and body, you can count on looking flawless whether it’s raining or snowing.

Smash Mouth has multiple varieties that promise smooth skin and a smooth appearance. Halo Hydrating Powder and Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Foundation, both provided by Smash Mouth, ensure replenished skin, extended wear, and reduces facial lines as an added bonus.

Ultimately, lighter skin and stark contrast is key this season. It complements the weather. It complements your skin. It will last you to and from class. You have no excuse not to look fabulous.