Letter to the editor: College Republicans don’t represent conservatives


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I do not agree with the College Republicans’ direction. I acknowledge that I am not currently a member and each president has autonomy over their administration.

However, as a former president and conservative I cannot remain silent while our party is hijacked by fear mongers who misrepresent our beliefs. I am a conservative because of free market principles and sense of duty to help others.

My party is one that initiated a tuition reduction and worked with Democrats to fund our state DREAM Act. I highly doubt Mr. Trump or his supporters would approve of either policy.

This new “movement” in the GOP is not representative of our party, and I would go so far as to say they are not Republican at all. Their hateful and incorrect rhetoric is a stain on the general party and represents instead a separate movement built on fear and xenophobia.

Students should know that there are moderate Republicans out there who believe in the American Dream, that anyone, regardless of who they are or where they come from, should have the opportunity to succeed.

I deliberated for several days over if I should say something on this issue. However, when moderates do not make their voices heard, they defer their power to insurgent factions such as this.

I encourage all moderates to speak out in favor of our American Dream and liberty and fairness for all. We need to reclaim our party, and cannot do so if we yield to close-minded radicalism.