Social Security numbers potentially stolen

From Staff Reports

WSU notified more than 300 students, employees and former employees that their personal information might have been compromised when someone stole two external hard drives from the Abelson Finance Office.

The burglary was reported Oct. 11 to the WSU Police Department.

“Two different sets of data were potentially compromised,” Assistant Police Chief Steve Hansen said.

One of the hard drives might have contained the names and Social Security numbers of approximately 300 WSU employees from July 1, 2005, to April 1, 2007, Hansen said.

The other hard drive might have contained the names and dates of birth of approximately 50 graduate students from the 2012-13 fiscal year, he said.

WSU requires sensitive information about students, staff and faculty to be encrypted, but Hansen said he did not know whether the information on the stolen hard drives was protected.

An investigation of the situation is ongoing.