Haus Show raises funds and the roof


Performers at Saturday’s Haus Party.

By Gabriella Ramos

Various indie rock bands played at the Haus Show hosted by Friends of KZUU 90.7 FM on Saturday night.

The lineup included four bands: Curse League, I Will Keep Your GHOST, Weekend at the Feelies and headliner, Greet the Sea.

The Haus Show Series was started by Friends of KZUU to bring live music to Pullman and to create a place for the community to appreciate art and music, Festival Manager and Co-Founder of Kazzufest, Sasha Gonzalez said.

“When you come to a Haus show, you’re meeting new people that you would have never met before,” she said.

While Haus Shows started in Gonzalez’s apartment, as audiences grew and the parties gained popularity, Gonzalez and Friends of KZUU had to find larger venues to house their underground shows, Gonzales explained.

“Half of the people in KZUU are doing their own music, or have friends that are, or are somehow involved in the music scene here, but there was no place for people to perform their music what-so-ever,” Gonzalez said

Homeowner of last night’s venue, Ryan Murphy, bought and began renovating the house specifically to host Haus Shows.

“There’s a beautiful basement and he set it up so that the acoustics are perfect for Haus Shows here and our hope is to pass this house down to KZUU DJs so that it can keep being a venue space for us,” Gonzales said.

In addition to the show, WSU’s Amnesty International Club attended the Haus Show to raise awareness about International Women’s Day on campus, passing out stickers and t-shirts to be worn on Tuesday, March 8.

Bands sold merchandise, such as t-shirts and CDs to further publicize their band to the audiences of KZUU 90.7 FM and Haus Shows.

In an effort to bring even more popular music to Pullman, Gonzalez and Friends of KZUU 90.7 FM organized Kazzufest, formally known as Kazzuzapalousa, a music festival that brings artists spotlighted by the station to the Palouse.

Kazzufest will take place on Saturday, April 2 at the bell tower on WSU’s campus. Tickets are available online and every Monday and Wednesday in the Glenn Terrell Mall at WSU: $12 for WSU students and $15 for general public.