ASWSU Judicial Board hears Student Media case

From staff reports

The ASWSU Judicial Board heard the case of Swanson and Geiger v. Student Media on Monday.

The case disputed the transparency of Student Media’s advertisements for the Student Media Referendum.

Swanson and Geiger claimed the Office of Student Media mislead students about its budget in the wording of the advertisement.

“You could fund student media. Only $4 a semester,” the advertisement read.

Swanson and Geiger said Student Media was misleading students by implying that the $4 fee was going to fund the entirety of Student Media.

They also said Student Media did not properly submit the advertisement for review, in accordance with a clause in the referendum.

Street argued the clause conflicted with freedom of press rights, requiring all marketing materials for the referendum to be reviewed by a committee of the president, pro tempore and election board chair before being displayed to the public.

The Judicial Board will announce its ruling within five days.

Reporting by Forrest Holt