Me, Myself and I


One columnist reminds readers to take time for themselves.

I wake up, get ready, go to class, go to work, sleep, repeat; it can be easy to fall into the routine.

It’s hard to determine how much time to give to different aspects of your life. Somehow, in your crazy schedule, you need to make sure to take time for yourself.

Life is busy, it can start to wear you down. In the midst of midterm month, life is getting hectic, stress is picking up, and things are starting to fall apart.

It may seem like that failed test will be your demise, or your fight with your bestie will end your existence but what many of us fail to pay attention to is the bigger picture.

College is incredibly important. Students pay a lot of money to get a degree. However, it is not so important that you should let the stress and work get in the way of enjoying life.

I came to college with the intent of recreating myself. I was not happy with how high school went for me, I made a lot of stupid decisions, most of which involved me not making stupid decisions.

I chose to be a good student over being an adventurous one. I never went out on a limb to try new things and have some fun.

When I came to college, I decided I didn’t want to fall into that routine again. I joined clubs, I got a job, I went to parties, I was stupid, I was silly, I had fun.

I try to do something new every chance I can, and I think we would all benefit from making an effort to break out of our routines. By doing so, we will expand our horizons, and give ourselves a well-needed break to recuperate and get our lives back in order.

I encourage everyone to take a break to enjoy life for a bit. For myself, I recently got a ukulele, and this weekend, I am determined to learn a song that doesn’t suck.

Maybe you could take a trip down to Lewiston with some friends and explore a new area. Or maybe take a daytrip to Kamiak Butte now that the weather is getting better. Go to the Rec Center. We have access as students to a gorgeous fitness center with so much to offer, go burn off some steam that way, exercise is a great way to relieve stress and get your mind focused.

You can also stick closer to home. There are so many community events that are outside of your daily routine that can make your day more awesome.

Try a new restaurant, read a book or do homework at a coffee shop so you can feel all sophisticated and get some caffeine in your system.

You don’t even have to leave your house. Take a break from work or friends and spend some quality time with yourself. Paint, read, watch your favorite movie, take a bath, or clean like a mad-man (or woman). Whatever floats your boat.

And my advice to you is: breathe. You’ll be fine. Take a step back and get some oxygen flowing. Take some time to let yourself recover and get ready to move forward.

I don’t care what you do with your time. What I do care about is taking time to keep yourself sane. Don’t forget to set the to-do list aside and do something fun for one evening this week. Life’s too short not to.