Ask Emma: I need tips to break up the monotony

Create a walking bingo board; plan fall activities with roommates, friends



With COVID-19 limiting options for social interaction, Emma gives tips on how to keep away boredom. Some activities include going on daily walks and having a fall photoshoot.

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen columnist

Dear Emma,

My days are all starting to run together. I am so bored, I can’t even express it. 

I go to classes. I eat. I sleep. I repeat. I need something to break up the monotony. Any tips (other than Netflix or procrastinating my classwork)?



Dear Blasé,

Great question with not so many great answers. Quarantine is getting tiring and will only get worse as the weather gets colder. Until then, I recommend you take advantage of being outside while you still can. 

One thing I do with my roommate is going on daily walks around town. If you’re in Pullman — or any city — there are lots of little things you may notice and find entertaining. 

If you have the same walking route or a few different ones, you could create a walking bingo board to keep track of your finds. Our bingo board includes funny birds, people who aren’t dressed for the weather and small birthday clown graffiti (see if you can find him; he’s everywhere), among a lot of other random sightings in Pullman.

If this feels too dorky for your liking, you could keep a note on your phone of the things you see, instead of an actual bingo board. However, doing silly things like this just makes your “boredom-breakers” more fun. 

There are also a lot of great fall-themed activities you can do to mix up your days and make them less monotonous. 

One I recommend is taking fall pictures with your friends or roommates. Whether you have a fancy camera or not, you can get dressed up in fall outfits and take cute pictures in your yard or a local park.

I personally love raking and jumping in the pile of leaves. Again, this may feel silly, but you’ll make sweet memories and release some stress. 

There are a lot of other fall activities — going to a pumpkin patch, apple picking, shopping for Halloween decorations, etc. — that you can do depending on your level of comfort and the COVID-19 restrictions in your area. Just be sure you are wearing a mask and respecting others by social distancing. 

Fall is in full swing, so I suggest doing these activities sooner rather than later. Once it’s too cold to be outside, there will be a whole different set of activities to break up your day. 

I hope this helps for now!


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