Freshman Darby Mackenzie poses while wearing Hippie-Boho styled clothing behind Bryan Hall, Monday, Nov. 4.

Winter is coming. You’re a college student. It’s cold. You’re busy. Trends are setting. You want to stay fashionable.

It’s almost impossible to look attractive and stay comfortable without looking like a homeless woman every day of the week. Fear not; looking homeless is the sexiest move you can make this season.

Since the ‘90s, American hippie-boho fashion has made statements across the industry. Stealing style long established by traditional bohemian culture and the free thinking American culture of the ‘60s, this clothing movement has become a recurring trend that has gone far beyond its original wearers.

Current trends are crocheted pullovers, matching beanies, earthy infinity scarfs and Ugg boot knockoffs that creep over the ankle of your leggings. 

Clothing outlets such as Free People and Anthropologie, both branches of Urban Outfitters, have globalized more earthy and relaxed apparel, in turn making it more available, more affordable and more acceptable nationally.

Independent distributors have been riding this wave of fashion by drawing in the masses with unique products made from cannabis, bamboo and papyrus.

Thrift stores have done the same by marketing their recycled clothing as the must-have eco-friendly fashion statement of nearly any season.

“Hippie-boho clothing can be more organic in material than manufactured clothing but doesn’t have to be,” said Amara McQuinn, freshman apparel and merchandising design major. “It’s more about comfort and effortlessly being in style.”

It can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s when the individual wearing the outfit has the freedom to take it out of the industrialized realm of fashion and into the more personalized realm of style.

“It’s a basic style of clothing that always updates with current trends,” said McQuinn.

As opposed to what she saw in high school, hippie-boho fashion is more easily accepted on a college campus. This makes it much easier to wear, much easier to match and much easier to feel comfortable tweaking the outfit to stand out.

So if you’re feeling lazy, feel free to throw on a sweater two sizes too large. If you’re five minutes late to class, feel confident in the fact that chances are your bed head will match somebody else’s intentional style.

Scrubby is classy if done right. It just takes a bit of fashion sense, a sprinkle of style and a laid back attitude to turn heads and be comfortable.