Pullman Police warn traveling residents about burglary ring

Chad Sokol | Evergreen reporter

Individuals associated with a burglary ring might have returned to Pullman yesterday, according to the Pullman Police Department.

Chief Gary Jenkins issued an alert yesterday urging Pullman residents to take precautions as school breaks provide “attractive opportunities for criminals.”

Initial reports of the burglary ring came about two weeks ago after police arrested two suspects in connection with a home-invasion robbery that involved a handgun.

Jenkins said the burglars are known to travel in groups of two to eight and park their vehicles or drop off passengers in residential areas. Suspects knock on front doors to determine whether anyone is home.

If a resident comes to the door, the suspects ask for directions or say they are looking for someone, Jenkins said. If a resident does not come to the door, the suspects forcibly enter and burglarize the home.

Jenkins advised residents to converse through closed and locked doors to determine the identity and intentions of suspicious individuals. Doing so also informs them that someone is home.

For those leaving Pullman, Jenkins recommended working with neighbors to report suspicious activity.

The suspects arrested and their known affiliates are from Seattle and Pullman. Jenkins said they are Somali and African-American males between their late teens and mid-twenties.

Residents are advised to lock their doors and windows and secure their valuables before leaving Pullman.