Letter to the Editor: ‘I completely mischaracterized the confidence I have in my staff’

Gary Jenkins Chief of Police | Pullman Police Department

Dear Editor,

When I read the article in the Oct. 28 Daily Evergreen with coverage of the Oct. 27, 2015 City Council meeting (“Asking to rename Nevada St.”), I cringed over my quote about body-worn cameras. While the quote was accurate, I completely mischaracterized the confidence I have in my staff.

I do not believe that I have to issue body-worn cameras to ensure that officers do not engage in misconduct.

In today’s environment of high scrutiny of law enforcement, I do believe that the cameras are a way to verify that officers are acting in the professional manner that we all expect – conduct that is exhibited by Pullman Police Department staff with or without cameras.

Our mission statement is, “Policing our Community with Compassion and Professionalism.”

I am completely confident that all members of the Pullman Police Department strive to exemplify that mission statement each and every day.