Coffee shops on campus: A guide to caffeinate your day

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or you just like the occasional mocha, WSU is full of coffee stands, each one with its own flavor. Here are the best places to satisfy your caffeine craving.

Cleveland Hall Espresso Bar

This small-scale stand plays music and is known for its chill environment. Because of its small size, sandwiches are not sold, only drinks. Barista Cassie Berg said, “I like the location and it’s more laid back. We usually get regulars.”

Carpenter Hall Espresso Bar

This is the only stand with an automatic espresso maker where customers can make their own drinks. Food is also sold here, and the location is great for coffee drinkers looking to get something right before heading to class.

Flix Cafe and Market

Not only does Flix make coffee, it also serves meals and sells food items in the market. This is a perfect place to stop if you are looking for food to go along with your coffee. Michelle Edenso, retail lead at Flix, said, “Our students are excellent, they produce a quality product here.”

Bustad Hall Espresso Bar

Nestled in the middle of Bustad Hall, this espresso stand has plenty of space to hold group study sessions. Certainly one of the most spacious coffee spots, Bustad Hall Espresso Bar serves food along with its drinks.

Lighty Espresso Bar

If you are looking for lunch with your coffee, Lighty Espresso Bar is the perfect place to study while having a sandwich and drink. As one of the full-service espresso bars, Lighty offers many options for a quick lunch break. “The effort we put into each sandwich and drink is important. We focus on customer service,” said Sadie Hanks, animal science graduate.

Cyber Café

This location is convenient for students with classes in the CUE. In addition to coffee, this cafe serves bagels and sandwiches. There is study space for students, and a patio outside. “We get to serve a lot of students, and I like serving people my age,” said Katherin Madche, senior communication major.

Atrium Café

The Atrium Café is located in Todd Hall, and operated by students studying hospitality and business management. The food served is made by WSU hospitality catering, and drinks are made using Boyd’s coffee. “The number one thing is that we are all hospitality majors. It gives an incentive to come here, because this is our career pathway,” senior Ally Molver said.

Northside Café

This coffee stand is located in the Northside Dining Hall. Newly renovated from last year, the market is no longer there, and instead customers can enjoy the sitting area set aside from the rest of the dining hall. This location is perfect for residence hall students on the north side of campus to grab coffee on their way to class. “I like being able to interact with people. That’s what makes it fun. It’s pretty convenient, a lot of people like it,” said Angelica Gonzalez, junior business student.

Hillside Magic Beans Espresso Bar

Located in the Hillside Market, this location is well suited for students on Hillside who are on their way to class, and students who are looking to have a meal from the dining hall. “It’s part of the whole dining hall, and it’s relaxed,” said Hannah Lindekugel, sophomore business student.

The Bookie Espresso

The most popular coffee spot on campus, the Bookie Espresso is located in the Barnes & Noble bookstore, and sells specialty espresso drinks along with the Cheesecake Factory branded pastries and food items. Students frequent this spot because of its location in the CUB, and it has an atmosphere that resembles Starbucks. “It’s in the heart of campus,” said Jasmine Flores, junior criminal justice and psychology student. “It’s one stop for food, coffee and books.”

Reunion Espresso

This location on the lower level of the CUB makes espressos, and is right in front of the Reunion study area. Anyone who is looking for coffee and study time would enjoy this location, or they can grab their coffee and head to class.

Here’s a link to a map of campus with all the coffee shops: