Class drop date near

From Staff Reports

Friday Nov. 15 at 11:59 p.m. marks the final day students can drop classes.  

Students are limited to four withdrawals in their academic career, but have the option to petition the Registrar’s Office for an exception to allow additional drops, according to Academic Regulations 68.

Within Zzusis, students wishing to withdraw from a class can click on the Student Center, select Enroll then proceed to a series of steps upon clicking the Drop tab.

The cost to withdrawal from a course is $5.

Cancelling enrollment may affect students’ financial aid, athletic eligibility, housing status and personal or optional student health insurance.

Students can contact the Registrar’s Office if they are unable to withdraw from a class due to various holds.

An enrollment request must be submitted if students choose to drop all of their classes. The form is located at