Slating events prelude IFC election week

The future membership of the Interfraternity Council (IFC) will be decided over the course of the next couple weeks, and one of the first steps in that process, slating day, took place Sunday.

Slating day is the first day any of the applications turned in to the IFC are reviewed by the slating committee. Slates are subject to change during election week, which begins next week.

Eight of the nine IFC members participated in the first day of slating. To avoid bias, current Director of Recruitment Nathan Harris did not participate in slating because he is again running for council. Harris was slated for president, executive vice president and director of recruitment on Sunday.

The second slating session will take place Wednesday, which will follow speech night at 7 p.m. on Tuesday. Participants will have five minutes to present a speech to the committee and the public. The council has not yet announced where the speeches will take place.

Two associate chapters of the IFC, which do not yet have full voting privileges, were invited to participate in the slating process and provide input.

This experience is beneficial for when they do become chartered fraternities, current IFC President Zak Cherif said.

Applicants are allowed to be slated for up to four positions, but can only accept three.

The IFC began the application process two weeks ago, and stopped accepting applications for spring 2016 positions on Oct. 16.

Reporting by Kayla Bonar